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than 750,000 workers. everything from office staff, to teaching staff. virginia would get hit the hardest, with more than an estimated $660 million in lost pay. >> i am worried. >> pentagon officials laid out the uncertainty and pain that sequestration would create. >> it would be catastrophic. >> congress can change the laws and make things easier. >> but there is little faith that congress will break its current bad habits. >> that is good for the people.
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so -- >> sequestration could have a major impact on companies that do business with the pentagon. business is big and small that employ tens of thousands of people in this region. as to the possible furlough employees would be given a 30- day notice before they go into affect. abc7 news. >> and we will have another look at the sequestration impact on our area. how these cuts could be one part of a larger hit for families. >> 5 people have been arrested in connection with monday's shooting death of a suitland high school student. he is one of six teenagers killed with gun violence this year. good evening, brad. >> good evening leon. it has been a horrible run of
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violence in prince for discounted. 15-year-old charles michael walker jr. was gunned down monday. and today there has been an arrest actually of five arrests, and we can show you a picture of the suspect. these five men were cruising around in a van looking for a victim. they saw walter, saw that he was carrying a bag from the shoe store, and they shot him just to steal those shoes. even as police were investigating this case last night, they had to add another murdered student to the blessed. that means two for suitland high. >> students at suitland high are in shop. they create memorial posters for charles michael walker, jr. and aaron kidd. >> i just wanted to go home.
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>> kidd became the latest victim at about 5:30 last night. he was standing on the corning won what -- on the corner when one of the men drew a gun and fired. his companion andre shuford died this evening. both men knew trouble, but they did not deserve to be shot. >> someone i've watched grow up basically died. >> these kids, i thought it would graduate and do something with their lives. >> 6 prince george's county students have been shot and killed since the beginning of the year. >> we are not going to prosecute our way out of this. we have to create job opportunities for young people. we need to provide counseling where it is needed. >> police need to think about
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their priorities too. >> everybody wants to be a gangster. >> police are telling us they have strong leads in the murder of kidd and shuford but that case remains unsolved. abc7 news. >> an accident has claimed the lives of our frederick county man. he was pulling and industrial -- he was filling in industrial tractor tire with air when it exploded killing him. this was just before 9:00 this morning. no one else was hurt and the investigation is ongoing. >> it appears more bodies could be found in the wreckage of the kansas city restaurant. the construction crew apparently hit a gas line and burned j.j.'s restaurant to the ground. one body was pulled from the
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wreckage this morning. crews are racing to complete the search i have a possible winter storm in the area. >> and already, there are reports of snow all the way from california to oklahoma and michigan. there are winter storm warnings posted from colorado to illinois. >> and here in our own backyard we did not have any snow, but it was a blustery day. what does it look like for the days to come here? >> we have the gusty winds, and by friday we will have a taste of that winter storm. but this is going to be a huge storm, a headline maker, ice storms. for us, it is just a little snow and ice. beautiful afternoon. just breezy and chilly. it will stay breezy, cold tonight. you can see the purple area is an ice storm warning. the peak area is winter storm
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warnings. all the snow is headed that direction. -- the pink area is winter storm warnings. we have a taste of the winter mixer by friday. hagerstown -- 27. it will get chilly overnight. the breeze will knock the wind chill even lower. clear breaches'. 18 degrees on the thermometer. but when you get up in the morning, it will feel more like 10 degrees. back to you. >> we will see you soon. a share of defending his deputy is in the death of a man with down syndrome while in custody. this comes after robert saylor died in custody. >> the sheraton in frederick county decided to put three deputies on administrative leave, remove them from normal
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duties until the investigation into what went on at this movie theater is settled. robert saylor, known as ethan was in the process of being removed from this movie theater. three deputies were involved in the incident. tonight the county sheriff says there were patient and professional when dealing with sayler. >> by all accounts there was no excessive force. they did have to handcuff mr. sayler. at that point and time, they believe he suffered a medical emergency. >> the frederick county sheriff's department has been lit up with -- facebook page has been lit up with comments, people saying things like these
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deputies must be fired. the sheriff has urged people to reserve judgment. he was childhood friends with the victim's father, making the case even more difficult. >> i really sympathize with his family. i really wish we did at that moment in time back. >> this past weekend the 20 that -- the 26-year-old prelate seat was covered with flowers at his church. >> i would hope that we would better learn to handle a situation that clearly escalated into a tragedy. >> the information gathered by the sheriff's department has been afforded to the state attorney's office. he will decide whether criminal charges will be filed or whether the case will go to a grand jury. suzanne kennedy abc7 news. >> alright, thank you. fairfax county police have a
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suspect in the murder of a pregnant woman. he is dead. his name has not been released. a witness told abc7 monday that she heard the two arguing that morning shortly before the fire started. >> jesse jackson jr. could face up to five years in prison after admitting to misusing $70,000 in campaign funds. he will also plead guilty to charges of filing of all -- of false tax return. rebecca cooper a has more in our newsroom. >> he said he did not want to waste time or money. the recently-resigned congressman did plead guilty and his wife pleads guilty to tax fraud. now they plead for leniency as the defense is the picture of the remorseful politicians
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struggling with mental illness. jesse jackson jr. was grim-faced when he arrived at court accompanied by his publicist judy smith. his lawyer, a well-known defense attorney, did speak to reporters, making it clear that jackson's hospitalization for bipolar disease would be part of his defense. >> it turns out that jesse has serious health issues. many of you know about the. we will talk about them extensively with the court's. these health issues are related to his present predicament. >> there is a list of items jackson is accused of buying with campaign funds including a rolex watch, children's furniture, $5,000 for furs, and thousands of dollars spent for bristly, martin luther king, and michael jackson -- bruce lee,
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martin luther king, and michael jackson memorabilia. his siblings offered their support. >> these are compounding issues of his health. >> we love our brother very much and we support him. until the end of time. >> it is a high-profile team representing jackson. the defense attorney is so well known that when goldman sachs's ceo hired him, their stock dropped because investors were worried the ceo may have been in big trouble keeping the trial is scheduled for june. rebecca cooper, abc7 news. >> still to come -- a family breaks their silence on the charges facing the olympic runner. >> and $26 million -- that those tickets ready.
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>> you may need all that money to pay the fines drivers are >> and lance armstrong's response to a call to
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>> lance armstrong will not be testifying under oath with the u.s. anti-doping agency official. the agency wants them to tell -- want him to tell them everything he knows about doping. armstrong's lawyer says he declines to take part in a process that he "is designed to demonize selected individuals." >> it is a new rule designed to protect cyclists. >> and this could impact everyone in the district. >> a couple of politicians at the wilson building behind me -- if they have their way, if drivers' violate those biplanes but -- those bike lanes, they may face fines that are double a speeding ticket. the sheriff's deputies
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experience. you have gotten hit? >> yes. >> how does that happen? >> they do not pay attention. >> collisions between bikers and drivers are becoming more and more likely. it is prompting some lawmakers to act to protect bikers'. the dmv would be required to start testing drivers on their knowledge of sharing the roadway with bikers, and drivers who fail to yield the roadway would face a hefty two under $50 fine. and even of biker who was struck thinks it is a little too much. >> i do not think it should be that high. that is a lot. >> but a spokesperson says it is necessary to protect bikers'. >> if there is an accident between a car and a bike, we know who is fall for the
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accident. it is the car. >> bikers and drivers -- apparently it could get worse. >> i do not have problems with this at all here. i am used to worse than this. >> you know, the council is expected to the public hearings on this sometime next month and the councilwoman is pretty confident it will be passed as soon as this summer. reporting live from northwest kenneth gibson, abc7 news. >> all right. the search for the newest million dollar. the mega millions drawings was at this gas station. this is lake view drive in mount airy. so far the winner has not come forward. the numbers -- in case you were interested --
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go check those pockets and ashtrays and right now. >> [laughter] >> that would be a fun surprise, wouldn't it? >> absolutely. >> be when it changes everything. >> buzz word from the city, a lot of clouds. -- west or from the city, a lot of clouds. we have a little winter weather. cold and gusty winds. maybe a little snow or freezing rain, a wintery mix. we showed you the weatherbug camera. this is from the army navy country club in fairfax. we have a few areas of cloudiness moving in. we have a few waves clouds that came across the appalachians and allegheny. 16 degrees. windchill is two below.
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28 in frederick. very cold air mass considering advertiser in the upper 40's now. we have a computer look. this is kind of individual. you see these low clouds that low likedecks with -- that are lighke decks with patches of blue between? this is what they look like from above. pretty scott. it has just the blotted out the sunshine and kept things chili. there is a 20-degree spread. and you add on top of that how cold it is out there. 23 in chicago. plenty of cold air. that will be pouring into night. temperatures in the teens. even colder went. we will have a gusty winds tomorrow, but all the focus is here, the developing snow.
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snow already occurring over parts of texas and oklahoma. ice could be a feature of arkansas. late tonight, this will move offshore. we have a little bit ahead of the storm system and we may get this pattern of over running. we may have to go through the day friday. ultimately, we are warming up and it will resolve itself. we can not know exactly how long it will take throughout the day. that is friday and friday night. when we get to saturday, a storm system will bring us this front, and that could bring cold day. it does look like it will be ranked. lots of sunshine but very chilly.
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now the next seven days. friday up 30% chance of that wintry mix. saturday, 50% chance of rain. sunday, we will warm to almost 50. we will of sunshine in the lower 50's by monday. and then rain showers returning by it tuesday. 20 days from today -- that is the first day of spring. >> whoo-hoo! >> that was very enthusiastic. >> you guys join me, right? all right, we will state -- we will see later. tonight, katie couric has an hour line -- hour-long special on the oscars. things get started with "the middle" at 8:00, followed by "the neighbors" and a " modern
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family." >> whoo-hoo! coming up -- more problems for the nightmare cruise. >> and a man at stopped for gas only to be shot to death. who may have been behind this senseless crime. >>
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>> family members are stepping forward to defend the olympic runner oscar pistorius. >> this comes as new details emerged in the story of how he shot his girlfriend to death. >> the olympic sprinter known as the blade runner will spend at least one more night behind bars before the judge decides whether he can be released on bail. oscar pistorius has struggled to keep his emotions in check in the courtroom. >> he is grieving. he is extremely shocked. he is grieving and i do not expecting to get over it soon. >> in the second day of hearings prosecutors showed more of their case, against oscar pistorius, who is charged with the shooting death of his
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girlfriend's reeva steenkamp. prosecutors said that he had to fire at an ankle -- angle. if he had fired head-on into the bathroom door, he would have mr.. the defense conceded the allegation that the body showed no efforts to defend herself. the defense also questioned the quality of the police investigation. prosecutors alleged that pistorius is violent and would flee if released from jail. his uncle says he does not have of violence -- have a violent nature. >> he is actually a very kind, a soft person. >> the final arguments in the bail hearing are set for thursday. >> still to come on abc7 news at 5:00 -- a mother preparing for
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her teenage son's birthday party. >> add the nightmare crews. >> en a man hired on pcp
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 5:00, on your side.
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>> a man in custody after what appears to be a random shooting that claimed one man's life. >> it happened in hillcrest heights. we have more on what happened. fill us in. >> leon, alison, prince george's county police say the suspect in this case was high on pcp. he randomly shot and killed a customer at the gas station behind me. we spoke with his family in baltimore today. 34-year-old duane williams was so high on pcp he targeted a man he did not know, a random customer. he chased the customer and gunned him down. >> this was his life. no reason at all. >> she is the 27-year-old
5:31 pm
victim's sister and lot. his name was eric walter. >> this is not right. >> walker ran across branch avenue but williams kept shooting. at an off-duty police officer tried to arrest williams, but to no avail. williams then tried to shoot the officer, but the gun would not discharge. pcb will be used in his defense -- pcp will be used in his defense in future court proceedings. >> i hope they do not try to use that in his defense. what does that prove? >> the officer tried to taze williams several times but it did not work, which is, and police say when a suspect is high on pcp.
5:32 pm
>> he was killed. >> we understand that the suspect in this case had a list of drug charges on his record and was supposed to be in prince george's county court tomorrow. he now is facing first-degree and second-degree murder charges, among others. abc7 news. >> thank you jennifer. time now to look at our other top stories. leon panetta how warned workers they could see a 20% pay cut and a shorter workweek if a deal on spending cuts is not reached. the sequestration cuts would take effect march 1 unless something is done. >> 5 people rest -- arrested in connection with the monday shooting death of charles walker. he is one of six prince george's county teenagers killed with gun
5:33 pm
violence just this year. >> jesse jackson admitted to using $750,000 for personal expenses from his campaign funds. he could face up to five years in prison. jackson's wife also pleaded guilty to falsifying federal tax returns. trial is scheduled for june 28. >> a lot firm has filed a class action lawsuit for the passengers aboard the nightmare carnival triumph. the suit alleges the carnival was negligent when they allow the crews to leave when they were aware of mechanical and engine problems. >> tonight on world news, a very happy reunion takes center stage. i spoke with diane sawyer about that's. >> hello, diane. always good to see you.
5:34 pm
let's check in on the latest credit cards and. >> this is brand new, a new way to jack up your credit card bill in which you may not notice. we will show everyone tonight how to catch those secret charges. >> and there is a feel-good story that certainly has put some smiles on faces around here. robin roberts has returned to "gma." >> isn't it a great story? she has surprised at her doctor's with her physical strength. we will show you what you have not seen about her come back this morning. >> what those stories and more on the world news, coming up after abc7 news at 6:00. >> meanwhile, texting while driving in virginia could soon cost you more money. legislation passed the state senate today and is headed for gov. bob mcdonnell's desk. the bill will make it of first-
5:35 pm
time offense that will cost you up to $250. subsequent offenses could cost you up to $500. this would make it a primary offense, which means police can actually stop and ticket offenders be bank time now to check on the traffic. >> i-385 stock fund -- dix street. 95 at southbound. the truck station heading towards quantico. heading towards the railroad tracks, currently a truck has struck a tractor-trailer. police are on the scene. we are hearing initially no injuries. that rain is expected to be closed two or three hours. if you can find an alternate please do so. be legion bridge, we are seeing delays on the 270 esparta. also on old georgetown road and
5:36 pm
working its way toward georgetown. additional delays in getting into germantown and north of clarksburg. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you. we will see you in a bit. it was all life changing moment for a collegiate academy senior. [applause] representatives from hanover college surprised him in class with a scholarship worth more than $130,000 over the next four years. the scholarship is for excellence in the classroom combined with his role as a father figure or his siblings. >> wow. >> congratulations. >> coming up -- for one local woman, cold weather is life-threatening. her story, coming up. >> and -- [indiscernible]
5:37 pm
>> plus, the ripple effect from sequestration will impact just about everyone
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>> i'm sure you know that high
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school math can be very difficult for many students, but one teacher has come up with a way to make greece for his clients. he isour hero. he is not your typical math teacher. >> ♪ by the time the bell rings ♪ >> he writes and produces his own math rap videos to share in class. the beat and the lyrics helped the students understand and retain lessons in geometry, calculus, and more. >> ♪ across from the 90 degrees l for the length of is ♪ >> the picture is being painted in a mathematical context. if it has two legs, square them,
5:41 pm
add them, see what you get. >> i can do just that and get 6. >> and the song says "the right trying go, get two sites." i want to make sure everyone understands this information. >> and it is working. >> i have not gotten less than a b on an exam. it is fantastic having that as a tool. and when i am doing my test -- >> >> if it is not to their liking, that is fine. we will do many other things throughout the year. >> most students love it. and their grades have improved. he spends a lot of his own time giving extra help to his students, and he also posted math videos on youtube. and i will confess, i have used
5:42 pm
them. i've learned a lot last week. >> all right. that could go viral. that is a great idea. thank you. coming up next -- >> i am constantly in a fight or flight mode with not being the right temperature. >> we introduce you to a woman who could die just from getting cold. is a real live allergy to mother nature. >>
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>> on mother facing charges tonight after police say she hired strippers or heard teenager's birthday party. she held the birthday party at a bowling alley and police day she hired two strippers and have them perform what they termed a " personal and intimate dancer s" and partygoers. >> if you do not want to pick up your kids from a birthday party and have them tell you there were strippers'. >> it is mind-boggling. >> she faces five counts of
5:46 pm
endangering the welfare of the child. >> dc bars are getting some help. the district's department of weights and measures as begun doing spot checks on how much of all they were boring. some bars were surprised to learn they could be fined as much as 2000 dollars asunderpouring. next 7 on your side tonight with what is really brewing in your coffee mug at work. germs. 30% include fecal bacteria. get the bleach. bacteria from a sponge can live in a mug for up to three days.
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>> gross. they tell that about hotel rooms, because they use the same sponge -- >> you had to tell me that. ok. let's see what gordon peterson has got for us on abc7 use it 6:00. >> hi, gordon. >> i just to drink tea. i am not going to worry about this. sequestration. we are following its developments. we are eight days from the start of the. we have a live report. and also, cars -- once again the target of lawmakers in washington d.c. and we will let breaking news at the top of the our. thank you for your attention people >> ok, thank you. >> we would like a little bit of a break from some of that wind. >> wouldn't that be nice? let's go to doug. >> 18 days from today, we go to
5:48 pm
daylight savings time. 28 days from today is the first day of spring. that is all looking good. unfortunately, in the real world, we are kind of stuck in cold and windy. this is a picture from the earth and space lab in frederick. this is willing across the appalachians and of the alleghenies. we will see a very clear night. not as windy, but cold enough. wins at 18 miles per hour at time, combining with the temperatures. fredrick, 26. ashe byrne, 29 degrees right now. our temperatures will drop from 18 to 25 overnight. and the wind chill will drop it into the single numbers. it will be a cold wake up call. it will be breezy and chilly, around 40 or so tomorrow. then, we start paying close
5:49 pm
attention. this is a heavy line of storms. a big storm. lots of snow. lots of ice. severe weather over parts of texas and louisiana. maybe tornadoes. we will be on the fringes of it. we may get a taste of winter weather on friday. not the ice warnings that are in affect for large portions of the country, but maybe a little sleet or snow. again, we will be just on the fringes of it. the temperatures will be marginal. friday saturday, the storm system will develop along the coast and make it a very rainy day here on saturday. but safely above freezing. and when spring comes, it is pollen season and we have a brand new blog on the abc7 web sites. we are well above average on the
5:50 pm
pollen count so far this year. >> and this next three -- i think you'll find it very interesting as we all do. many of us are counting down the days until spring. >> but someday it -- some people are not only -- not only does like cold weather, but they are allergic to it. she is in the fight of her life to stay warm. >> just opening her front door could trigger a severe allergic reaction. >> when i feel a draft, that is enough to cause a reaction. >> even at a cold soda. turning on a faucet. eating ice cream. all health hazards. going grocery shopping? out of the question. >> i would have a severe attack in a grocery store just holding a gallon of milk under my arm. >> within seconds of being
5:51 pm
exposed to anything under 70 degrees, her body begins to shut down, beginning with a skin reaction. >> i will get hives. i will call off. my throat will close. >> surprisingly her condition is worse in the summer. >> i have more problems in august in d.c. in air- conditioning than i have in january. >> her case is extreme but allergy dr. henry fishman says this rare immune disorder can strike at any time impacting it up to 2000 people around the world. >> it is genetic. it can develop later on in life. is it is serious, you can go into shock and even die from a cold. >> i had an embolism, and i just -- my whole body just started a cascading events. >> now she wears an identity
5:52 pm
bracelet at all times and is constantly monitoring the temperature. she has found other ways to make the most out of life. >> we make, we paid, we do other things inside that maybe other people -- we bake, we weave, we paint, we may be to other things people do not do inside. >> there is no cure for her condition. abc7 news. >> that is amazing. >> unbelievable. >> i will never complain about the cold again. >> hey listen -- you know sometimes the business of sports texas to unusual places. but today, we had the honor of going to be nsa in bethesda. literacy has become a priority for men and women and some of the redskins were there. this is their off-season, i
5:53 pm
think. what off-season? fletcher was in midseason form. today it was put your versus his redskins teammate in a game of financial football. >> i tried to pull rank. he should have been playing the cowboys. >> but the 15-year veteran was a good sport. the purpose of the game? to belt military families learn how best to manage their money -- to help military families learn how best to manage the money. >> but will fletcher be playing football next season? >> i will ee entertain financial opera's. >> he has never missed a game, making it 240 straight. will he make it 241 next september? >> i have done this for the next five years. your career, you have to
5:54 pm
evaluate. >> he is a good part of the team. i love him. his locker is right next to mine. >> the redskins won with a field goal. >> i wanted to challenge it, but i guess i am not allowed to challenge it. >> as time ran out -- has time run out on fletcher's playing career? only he will know. >> if you do not picture so plain, then you will not be prepared. >> that should be taught in every school across america. and i guarantee you, he is going to be back. the redskins are on the verge of doing something great. >> it deserves
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> the good morning america family is whole again.
5:58 pm
>> that's right. robin roberts is back. and natasha barrett gives us a look at the reunion. >> hi, and i have been waiting 170 days and to say this. good morning, america. >> should return to the air almost five months to the day that she left to treat are rare bone disorder. >> i want to thank my doctors and nurses and colleagues. >> that gratitude and love right but from the fans to waited outside in cold weather at times square. >> robin! >> robin, we just want you to know the obama family, we have been thinking about you. >> through every step of her difficult journey, so many have called her an inspiration. from the brave way that she battled the disease, to the
5:59 pm
weight she encouraged thousands to be bone marrow donors. >> i am a beacon of hope for others somehow. >> and now she is back at work. >> robin's doctors warned she is still at risk for infection and exhaustion. she will not be working five days a week just yet, but she is well on her way to a full recovery. live from the satellite center, natasha barrett, abc7 news. >> and she looks just as good as we expected her to. abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00. on your side. >> first at 6:00, the budget flare-up. metro area is starting to feel the sting of it. tonight we learn from the pentagon a sequestration could affect the

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